Z Digital Marketing is best Online Reputation Management Company in Mumbai: We believe that maintaining the reputation of your online presence is our first priority. ORM represents your image on the internet. The main benefits of Online Reputation Management (ORM) is all about maintaining a positive image about your brand so that potential customers do not think twice when purchasing any product by your brand. A good ORM can greatly benefit your brand and your business. A This is why we know that it is very important that your online reputation is monitored & have all the negatives eliminated.

Online Reputation Management Company in Mumbai
Online Reputation Management Company in Goregaon East, Mumbai


We view the complete gender, age and regional details of you community and people talking about you.


We strive to ensure that you brand has a positive social standing, through managing all content that goes up the the web.


We track all conversation pertaining to our brand to know what kind of response is achieved from our target consumers.


This is also known as opinion mining, is the analysis of feelings, to understand how people respond to your brand.


We believe in listening to what people talk about your brand on all digital fronts and accordingly we make a sound analysis based on what we find.

Z Digital Marketing – Online Reputation Management Company

Online reputation management is about improving or restoring a brand’s name and image by countering, weakening or eliminating the negative material found in the internet and defeating it with more positive material to improve its credibility and customer’s trust in it.

Online reputation management company in Goregaon East, Mumbai, India provide online reputation management services backed by a strong tech team because even one bad review or comment is enough to trigger a disastrous impact on one’s prospects and reputations. Potential customers change purchase decisions based on negative reviews, blogs or comments which can spread in various search engine results and social media networks. It’s important for an Online reputation management company to thoroughly monitor the online reputation of the brand, eliminate these negative mitigations and pro actively work towards building a positive reputation of the brand.

Best Online Reputation Management Tools

Here’s a collection of free and paid tools that helps one in managing a brand’s reputation online without having to spend too much time and without any advanced technical knowledge.

  • Free ORM Tools Google Alerts- With Google being the primary search source for everyone, having a Google alert for your preferred topic is the best way to keep a tab on your brand. Including a specific search query, selecting the frequency and selecting the right channel to monitor is must.
    Social Mention- It is a free tool that monitors brand mentions across sites and provides information on the sentiments toward one’s brand. In turn, the tools also shows how these sentiments impact one’s author/mention ratio, influence and as a result, the number of conversations generated.Image Raider- It is an excellent tool especially if one’s business is dependent on images – photography or design websites or even websites in general. It searches for one’s images on the web, indexes them and alerts them if they are wrongly used or inaccurately sourced.Mention- The fact that Mention monitors billions of sources in over 40 languages almost eliminates the chances of one missing any mentions of the intended brand online. Also, since the data is real-time, one can always reply to these mentions right away within the tool.Queryz- It is a tool that helps one in knowing more about their website visitors. Using this tool as a microsurvey can help one identify their visitors. In short, if one is looking for simple feedback from their visitors, this is their tool.IFTTT- With its simple interface, IFTTT gives one a number of options to be updated with the information one needs. From home, work, productivity and news alerts, one can route all information into one email without having to spend time on multiple sites. The advantage of this tool is that it connects multiple devices and lets one select a recipe that is suitable for one – from simple notifications to content details, etc.
  • Paid ORM tools Radian- For a business having a sizeable turnover, Radian is an in-depth tool that gives one real-time insights about their customers, competitors and influencers. It helps track brand mentions across the social landscape. The engagement console serves as an end-to-end presence management tool. It provides a comprehensive coverage including millions of blogs, comments, Facebook API, twitter and discussions on the social web.
    Sysomos Heartbeat- It is an ideal tool that provides snapshots of social conversions in a user-friendly graph and chart format. It provides team collaboration and many ways to interact with influencers. It also helps manage workflow and conversations.
    Lithium- It provides search-specific mentions and sentiments from social media. It scans Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and many other platforms. The tool has a convenient graph and chart format. It also gives you the opportunity to assess the emotions before, during and after a brand campaign.
    Brandseye- If you’re a blogger, business owner or large organisation BrandsEye has separate packages for all. Depending on the number of keywords required these packages can deliver scores of brand mentions online and show you how they impact your online reputation.

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